Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mardi Gras/ Friday Night/ Emily's B-day Day

Tuesday night I went out with some friends to celebrate Fat Tuesday!! We went to BWW and The Ranch!! It was a lot of fun but I paid for it on Wednesday morning!! haha

Friday night we went out with our good friends Mandy and Larry to Kroc's and then to Cabana's. It was a lot of fun!! A much needed night out with friends!!

Saturday afternoon Dusty & I picked up Emily for a fun makeup birthday day. We missed her 5th Birthday party because we were in Vegas! :o( But we took her bowling and then to the park and lastly to get ice cream! We had a lot of fun!! Aunt Wheezy & Uncle Cheeesy love their Tootie!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last week/weekend we left got Vegas!! We had a blast!! I love Vegas!! We had so much fun playing blackjack and slots. Thursday night we went to a Murder Mystery dinner and it was awesome!! I was laughing so hard that I was crying! So funny! Friday we headed to the strip and ate at PF Changs for the first time and it was pretty good and the service was amazing! Then we headed to the Jack's Mannequin concert and it was pretty good but way too many minors! haha Still a good concert though. Saturday my parents came in a day early to spend our last night with us. We were playing blackjack waiting for them and within 2 or 3 hours I was up $500!!! I was so excited!! I did so awesome!! Woohoo for lots of money!! Sunday (Valentine's Day) we spent a few hours playing blackjack with my parents and then we headed to the airport and spent the whole rest of our day on a plane.

Friday, February 5, 2010

This week has been filled with all kinds of different things going on. Tuesday I had bunco for the month at my house and made tacos and margaritas and we had so much fun, as usual, playing! Wednesday Dusty was supposed to have a soccer game but it got canceled due to a leaky roof from the ALL day rain!! So no actions shots this week.... Maybe next week! Thursday night I went to Cory Morrow with my friends and it was a blast as well. Cory Morrow puts on an great concert and it was very over due for him to play in Midland again!! It always turned out to be an amusing night, to say the least!! Some people's kids.... that's all i have to say!! haha Friday we headed to Cisco to check on my Father-in-Law. He is very sick and in the hospital.... so it has been a stressful week due to that as well. But I believe in the power of prayer and know with all my heart that he will pull through this. It is not his time to go... he has many happy, healthy years ahead of him! :o) I didn't take any pictures this weekend due to being in the hospital and that is never a happy thing and really didn't think anyone would want their picture taken in there! haha Anyways getting very excited for Vegas on Feb 10!! YAY!! Lots of pictures for next weekend!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Last week of January

The week seemed to drag on and on. January was such a long month..... 5 weekends!! WOW!! Dusty had his soccer game Tuesday and he got beat up pretty badly but sadly I was laughing at him... I said if he's not bleeding then it is kinda funny.... oh well at least he found humor in the situation as well!! Wish I had the video of the funniest part! Next week I will post picture of him in action as the goalie!! He is really good!! I think we were both surprised he would be so good at goalie but he has been doing it for a while now. Friday night we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse with Mariel to catch up and sit in Kendra's section to see her as well. It was a nice dinner and good to see my other best friends.

Mariel and I
Saturday we got up and went to Drake's first birthday party at te Jumping Party place. We had so much fun watching all the kids run around and jump!! Then later that night we went to dinner with good friends, Kenzie, Justin, Cacy, Adam, and Samantha at Chili's and laughed the night away!! I love just hanging out with friends!! Laughter is a such an amazing medicine just for everyday life!! Then later than night Amy & I went to Woofers and had an interesting and funny night with this random guy who reminded of us of "Kip" from Napoleon Dynamite!! HAHA!! So much fun!!

Kenzie, Justin, and Drake


So i'm already behind... haha figures.... anyways last weekend I wasn't planning on doing much but Dusty and I went out to dinner at La Mission and then Amy had asked me to go to Krocs with her and Holly so of course I gave in.... Our friend Cory Yeager (no relation) was playing a gig up there so it was like summer time all over again. Cory played a HUGE part in putting together my Breast Cancer Benefit Concert in August which we are going to be having a second annual one this year so please plan on coming out!! :o)

Cory Yeager

Chris and Holly

Holly, Amy, and I

Amy and I

Then Saturday night we got to spend some nice quality time with Mallory and John, which doesn't come often with 2 little ones, but we went to The Bar and just had a few drinks and talked and laughed. So glad to still be friends with Mallory after all these years!! She is such an amazing friend, mother, wife, daughter, and photographer, among other things too!! :o)
Love you Mally!! I don't have the pictures from this night bc Mallory took them!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm joining this bandwagon!!

So I guess I will join this whole blog thing and try to keep up with it as well. I wish I could get on it at work but that will not happen, everything is blocked!! booo!! Well 2010 has started off great. We ended 2009 with Dusty's 27th Birthday on NYE and we had a blast! We relaxed the rest of the weekend and hung out with family. The second weekend in Jan we decided to finally go to San Angelo and see my best friend Keri and her fiance. I put Keri to work because she is getting married in Aug and she has nothing booked or planned and she was completely lost. So I got her to thinking and planning before everything is booked!! It was a fun and successful weekend!! I sure miss her though... she sure means a lot to me and it's very hard not having her here anymore :( Then last weekend we went to Improv at the Yucca with 8 wonderful friend and laughed our butts off. Quite a funny show! I highly recommend you go in Oct when they have it again. I also had MLK Jr Day off and headed to Hobbs with mom and dad and gambled the day away! Which was super fun for the day but not amazing since I just kept feeding the penny machines my $20 bills!! haha Atleast it was nice quailty time with my parents! (Plus, dad said atleast all my bad luck is out of the way for Vegas in Feb!!)